Security Public Library

Library Security

Our Security Public Library strips have been used to secure more than five billion library items. RFID and EMID tags have also secured more than 900 million items. At MK Label Technologies, we provide a wide range of security products and services that combine affordability with superb reliability. We offer a variety of detection systems and accessories from AM RFID EM to EMID detection, standard to wide aisle to help protect your valuable collection.

Security Public Library


Technology: EM


Product Compatibility: Certus, 3M, Dialoc, Checkpoint, MK Label, Guardian, Halo, Gateway, and Knogo Security Systems

Solution Application: Library, magazine, Journal, History book, Literature, Fiction, Suspense novels

Dimensions(cm): 12.50, 16.50, customized

Packaging Details: 1,000-unit case

Installation:  This Security Public Library strips are packed individually and feature a tail to easily remove the liner, strip inserts deep into the gutter between pages

Shelf Life: Fifty years from date of manufacture when labels are stored between 10°C-32°C, 20-70% RH

Protection: discreet protection virtually impossible to detect and remove, and cannot be shielded by briefcases, backpacks, the human body or other common items

Security Public Library

TECHNOLOGY of Security Public Library:

Dual status (on/off) i.e. deactivatible. Can be turned off for patrons to leave the library without gates alarming then turned on as items are returned.

Magnetic Acoustic Resonator: Proprietary resonant magnetic material, they will not lose their effectiveness even after repeated desensitizing and resensitizing.

State-of-the Art Security: Covert MK Label Technologies Security Strips are difficult to tamper with, especially since they are virtually impossible to find. AM RFID and EMID tags are also easily hidden behind book pockets or disguised with standard or customized text.

Bias: Proprietary magnetic material, strips desensitize to eliminate false alarms, then resensitize to 100% signal strength for the maximum level of security

Adhesive: Archival-quality adhesive is water based and non-acidic to provide years of protection without damaging your books or library materials

All of Security Public Library strips we produced is in conformity with RoHS II Directive 2011/65/EU and REACH Substances of Very High Concern as defined in Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and subsequent amendments to both.

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