MK Label Technologies, Ltd. have several independent R & D office,mainly responsible for testing of material performance,frequency,amplitude etc.
Our R & D team consists of several Material Engineers,Electronics Engineers,Software Engineers and Automation Engineers etc.Our main achievements are including Independent development ability of manufacturing technique for amorphous ribbon & semi-hard magnetic materials and full automatic AM Label production etc.

  1. Reliable alarm performance, protect merchandise, from source to sale, with our shrink management & loss prevention solutions.

Our company has the complete set of Amorphous resonators and Magnetic bias production technology. We adjust the performance of the two materials accurately to best matching the status in the process of AM Security Tags production. So our labels provide outstanding alarm performance,and effectively improved the efficiency of the retail s security.
In order to meet the diversified demands of AM Security Tags,our products can be divided into three series:MK-AM label with 3 resonators,MK-AM DR, MK-AM Label with 1 resonator.

  1. Good deactivation performance, Dramatically improve the management of your merchandise using our inventory insight and availability solutions.

The application of AM Security Tags is to ensure the Security Tags have good alarm performance before through the checkout counter,and it is not alarm after deactivated by deactivation devices.We combined the various actual applied circumstances of Security Tags during the production,and make sure the labels with good anti-attenuation performance, and then it is not work again after deactivated by standard deactivation devices.

  1. Good compatibility, Evolve and improve the customer shopping experience with our special retail products.

MK-AM Security Tags needs to work with matched AM antenna,the detection distance is different according to different brand or different types of antennas. Our frequency range is controlled in 57.8KHz~58.3KHz with better quality antennas, the others is 57KHz~59KHz with standard antennas.
Some AM Security Tags produced by other companies with lower precision frequency,fast attenuation performance,the detection distance of those labels will become short,and can t protect the retailer s security.
Our company controls the process of Amorphous resonators and Magnetic bias production,labels sealing accurately by high precision automation equipment,and we guarantee the labels frequency 57.8KHz~58.3KHz exactly,which can compatible with any AM antenna on the market without any problems.

  1. Good consistency, We provide all elements of a traditional EAS system, from tags to pedestals to detachers.

The retailers are very care about the consistency of AM Security Tags in the different batches during the mass production. As MK Label has the complete set of Amorphous resonators and Magnetic bias production technology,together with the sealing and other related technologies. So we can fully guarantee the consistency of AM Security Tags.
As defective rate of the AM Security Tags is the key point which decided the anti-attenuation efficiency, so MK Label offer Free Replacement service if our AM labels in inferior detection,deactivation and adhesive etc.